About Logo In 60

Our agile team of professional logo designers has over a decade of experience in creating valuable yet artistic logo designs for startups and SMEs from diverse industries with over 3500+ satisfied customers across the globe. We ensure to create a logo design that helps businesses and entrepreneurs connect with their target audience and establish strong brand identity.

Our mandate has been to provide cutting-edge design solutions that inspire and raise curiosity about your brand with measurable ROI. From a mini-startup to a corporate enterprise, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled prowess to assist clients and organizations in creating a professional logo design.

In the area of graphic design logo creation is a highly sophisticated and distinctive task as logo represents the visual identity of your brand. Our prime focus is to provide you optimally personalized services that best meets your business needs.

We endeavor to provide interactive interface that enable customers to offer real time feedback and ratings to the designs we create, to help designers exceed customer expectations. With our one-stop platform, business owners can easily source high-quality designs that include logos, website design, product design, graphic design and much more. Our prime focus is to help businesses, agencies and non-profits grow rapidly with great designs and branding ideas.